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Join Us

Enjoy the great camaraderie of organized runs with runners of your ability, and grow the sport by supporting your local running community. Running is the natural movement of the body and one of the best activities a human being can commit to in this life. You don’t have to get fast before you join the Kelowna Running Club. You will be welcome and all runs and races will become wonderful experiences.

Note: In 2024, we have moved to a new membership registration platform. If you are a returning member, this means that it will look a little different to what you have been used to. If you have any problems or questions, please reach out to us at



  • Organized weekly runs
  • KVR Trestle Run
  • Run to Commando Bay
  • Pub Relay and social events throughout the year

KRC members are eligible for Interior Running Association awards.

Great people are the reason to get out and run (or walk). New members are always welcome and visitors to Kelowna are invited to join in.

Your KRC membership runs from January 1st to December 31st and includes membership to BC Athletics. An individual membership is $37.15 per person. For our more competitive runners, we offer packages with BC Athletics that allow you to be eligible for regional and national awards. These come in the form of Competitive Masters membership at $112.99 and Road/Trail membership at $112.99. Click the links for more info on what is offered. The only difference between these memberships is the level of BCA membership that is offered. All memberships purchased from September onwards apply for the remainder of the year and for the entire following calendar year.