Letter from the Long Table

Sep 11, 2018 by RJ Dueck, KRC President

This is my third year serving on the KRC committee as president, and I can tell you that it is a highlight for me and a privilege.  In the time I’ve been running, I’ve seen many changes in the running scene, and have endeavored to help guide the club to respond in proactive and forward-thinking ways to ensure we are an effective resource for you as you run for fun, compete, or spend time with the friends you’ve made family.  

With more races being put on locally now than ever, our revenue sources from the races we put on are now not quite as reliable as they once were, and as a result, we’ve made the difficult decision to raise the club registration fee from $35 to $40 starting Jan 1, 2019.  While this is still extremely modest, we feel it’s necessary to effectively move forward and provide the services you want and stay financially secure.

Please take a moment to review what your executive has been up to:

  • A New Website:  This was a mammoth undertaking, and the result is something we are extremely proud of! Not only do we now have a customizable/update-able site, but we have a calendar of events that hosts not only our own events, but ALL running events in the region.  This resource doesn’t exist anywhere and makes us a unique resource for looking up running events.
  • Next Step: 2018 has proven to be the best attended year yet for our main training/coaching night.  Both Orthoquest and New Leaf Physiotherapy have partnered as coaches for speedwork that delivers an amazing night of run training for persons of all abilities/levels.  Next Step has also been a very effective gateway for newer runners to join our club and get comfortable with training.
  • Racing Singlets: You’ve requested them, and we’re on it! It might take us some time, but we are working on getting a great design on a great KRC themed singlet, so we can represent our club when we’re racing in town and away.  Our intention is to provide a subsidized price for those that request them, and we still have lots of work to do, so stay tuned!
  • Pub Nights: We’ve re-introduced pub nights on Thursday nights!  We currently host them every third Thursday of the month, and you can find info on our calendar and on our social media feeds!  If you want them to succeed, please attend!
  • parkrun:  Three years ago, they didn’t exist in Canada! Now they are springing up everywhere. This phenomenon is probably the best way to get new runners started and is very well attended. Our members are there, and we are helping plug these people in!

What to do next: Register Now for 2019.  Any registrations between now and the end of the year are $35 and will count toward your full 2019 year.  We will also host manual registrations at key times, but these will cost you an extra $5. On January 1, 2019, our fee will jump to $40.

We Need You! Please consider serving on the committee!  We want you to be involved and can help get you plugged in.  We also need people willing to help new members get settled!

We are also culling our mailing list, so if you still want to receive the weekly info e-mails that keep you up to speed, please get on board.  Please don’t take these for granted, as a lot of work goes in to them.

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