Commando Bay Run 2018

Jun 27, 2018 by KRC

42nd annual Commando Bay run took place in a beautiful Okanagan Mountain park. Participants took off at 6 am and covered up to 26 km of trails. This was an out and back route through a variety of terrain zones. Runners started with a rocky uphill followed by lush areas and finished in a scenic canyon. Going down to the bay we enjoyed early morning views of Okanagan Lake. After a quick rest stop, it was time to get back for breakfast at Bertram Creek Park. Kelowna Running Club supporters brought fruits, granola, watermelons and other home made treats to power up the team. It was a perfect atmosphere to get together, plan future events and think about 43rd Commando Bay! This run is a legacy of Kelowna running community that empowers it’s members for greater things!


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