KRC Runner Profile - Dave Dennier

Oct 12, 2019 by Ana Dennier

The Kelowna Running Club wants you to get to know about the club and some of its members and has started a new project called "KRC Runner Profile". 

Every month we will feature a different runner in our ‘Runner Profile’ section.  This will range from someone who has just taken up the sport, right through to the most talented runners Kelowna has to offer.  We will ask each runner a few questions, so that you can find out a little about them, their interests and their plans for the future. Let us know if you have suggestions or would like to volunteer to be featured in our next profile.

Runner Profile - Dave Dennier

Why do you run?

I enjoy being outside, running on trails, pushing myself and having a “Forrest Gump” moment - when you are just in a headspace that running in the current environment brings inner joy and you feel like you can run forever.

Why did you join the Kelowna Running Club?

We moved to Kelowna in the summer of 2019 and my wife signed me up. I have enjoyed it since.

What are your favourite KRC weekly events and why?

The Next Step weekly track workouts because it pushes you and improves your fitness. I also really enjoy the morning creekers runs as they are a friendly group with great conversations afterwards over coffee.

What is the most memorable moment that has happened to you on a run?

When I drank a cup of beer handed out by spectators near the end of the 2016 Boston Marathon. The crowd went wild and I got a mouth full of really warm beer.

How did you first get into running?

I was motivated to try a triathlon in Deep River, ON, in 1991, which required 8km running. My first run was 5.5 minutes and I had to stop because my heart was pounding so hard. Despite that first run, I stuck with it and finished my first triathlon 2 months later. I felt amazing and running has been part of my life since then.

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